Greetings from the Office of the PresidentVezele P. Wolobah

Fellow Thunders!

On behalf of the acting officers and members of the Haywood Mission Institute New Millennium Alumni Association, I am pleased to welcome you all to the official Web Site of the Association. We as alumni/former students of Haywood Mission Institute based in the United States of America have come together in the name of Haywood Mission Institute New Millennium Alumni Association (HMINAA).

Our primary purpose is to bring alumni/former students together in the United States, Liberia and the rest of the world and raise funds in helping the needy children at Haywood Mission Institute and children attending other institutions of learning in Liberia. Therefore we are calling on all alumni/former students around the world to join us in serving the needs of our brothers and sisters at the Haywood Mission Institute.

Since our commencement on November 23, 2011, we have reached out to former students/alumni in the fifty States, Liberia, Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world with the vision of HMINAA. They have found the vision of HMINAA to be as a collective effort which will lead to transforming the minds of young children in Liberia. Following this effort, we have drafted a BY-LAW and CONSTITUTION, registered HMINAA in the State of Rhode Island as non profitable organization in the United States, obtained an Employee Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), created a Logo that unifies us as Haywoodians, opened bank account, printed T-shirts, and held awareness in the State of Pennsylvania, USA on June 17, 2012 which brought together alumni/former students.

Once again, I want to invite all alumni/former students, well wishers and friends of Haywood to join us, your colleagues in making our Association a feasible body that we all can consider and cherish as we endeavor to lend your collective support to our dearest Alma matter Haywood. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and supports. God Blessed You!

Vezele P. Wolobah, Jr