Seeking to promote closer relations amongst ourselves and knowing the importance of unifying all former students and alumni, ill-respective of tribal or ethnic affiliation, to reside together and to foster the wellbeing and happiness of one another; we do hereby form and organize ourselves into an association to be known as HAYWOOD MISSION INSTITUTE NEW MILLENNIUM ASSOCIATION (HMINAA), U.S.A. INC.

The objectives of the Association are, but not limited to the following:

To foster unity and cooperation among former students, alumni as well as other Liberians and friends of Haywood Mission Institute residing in the United States of America, Liberia and the rest of the world.

To promote self-improvement and encourage the membership to fully participate in the improvement of educational development of Haywood Mission Institute in particular, and Liberia as a whole.

To provide charitable services to students at Haywood Mission Institute, Liberians and others in need, to the extent possible within the Association’s resources.