Brief History of HMINAA

In West Africa, Liberia, Haywood Mission Institute is one of the many reputable High schools that graduate senior students annually into the real world of college and professions. Upon graduation, these students have great aspirations of still being members of their alma mater through the existence of an alumni association. It is through this medium that former students can connect with one another and work in helping prospective graduates by every positive means.

In 2001/2002, Haywood Mission Institute once again graduated a class of one hundred students that customarily looked forward to being a part of an alumni association. Unfortunately, the salacity of this graduating class for an alumni association did not materialized. Although there was an awareness of an alumni association based in the United States of America, it was also known to have been lukewarm. Due to its dormant state, it was not long till it collapsed, thereby dashing the hopes of graduates and former student from becoming a part of an association that reminds them of their alma mater. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, the quest for a restoration of an alumni association that Haywood students can call their own did not go away from the minds of few students of the respective graduating class of 2002 and 2003.

Years went by and the idea to form a new alumni association resurrected when Vezele P. Wolobah Jr. had conversations with few of his former classmates and school mates, who all resides in different parts of the United States of America, and realized that each individual had the same passion he had for an establishment of an alumni association. His consistency led him to get few visionaries (Anthony V. Farmah, Famata Williams, Julius Tate and John Davis) of his class of 2001/ 2002 and another visionary (Senkolo Traub), a member of the 2002/ 2003 graduating class . It was no hesitation for this group as the idea was about to take flight.

On November 27, 2010 Mr. Wolobah and Mr. Traub used the opportunity at the wedding ceremony of Sayonon Synder (now known as Sayonon Harmon) held in New Jersey, United States of America to broaden the spectrum of the idea and the recruit of other graduates and former students that were present at the occasion. After a fifteen minutes meeting, Vezele, Senkolo, Jusu Williams, Nora Keymah, Jacqueline Caulker, and Famata Williams agreed to form the association based in the United States of America.

In the summer of 2011, the first Facebook page for the alumni association was formed. This was an easy way of reaching out to all former students and graduates of Haywood Mission Institute worldwide, about the creation of an alumni association. The page attracted more than fifty students in a week and Vezele thought is appropriate to have the first conference call. This conference call was posted on the facebook page to attract participants worldwide.

November 13, 2011, the first conference call was conducted. Unfortunately, time zone in different parts of the world made it impossible for those that lived outside of the USA to participate. Nevertheless, there were eighteen participants who comprised of the seven founding members (Famata Williams, Jusu Williams,Julius Tate, John Davis, Senkolo Traub, Robert Janga, Anthony V. Farmah and Vezele P. Wolobah Jr.). During the meeting, the named, Haywood Mission Institute New Millennium Alumni Association (HMINAA) was coined by Vezele P. Wolobah Jr and approved by the body. The name was chosen to encourage former students, and alumni that there is now a new form of alumni association and that whatever caused the collapsed of the previous alumni association was in no way associated with the new association. In addition, it was a way of starting a new and assuring everyone that this new alumni association is more extended, more inclusive, more active and more acceptable of everyone ideas.

After a long conference call and discussion of the written constitution by the body, on December 5, 2011, the body unanimously agreed and HMINAA was registered as a non-profit organization in Providence, Rode Island, United States of America. Furthermore, a leadership of this infant associate was formed on having Mr. Vezele P. Wolobah Jr as Acting President, Mrs. Famata Williams, as Acting Vice President, Mr. Anthony V. Farmah as Acting Secretary, Mr. Senkolo Traub as Acting Treasurer, Miss Lydia Koffa as Acting Chaplain and a Mobilization Committee which includes, Miss Hawah Yolain, Mr. John Davis, Miss Tupee Borzie, Miss. Theodosia Salley, Mr. Julius Tate and Mr. Jusu Williams.

Finally, the quest to have an alumni association that former students, graduates and prospective graduates of Haywood Mission Institute can call their own has now become a reality. It is everyone responsibility to keep this traditions and always remember to KEEP THE THUNDERS ROARING!